Reduction of blood pressure
Development of the skeletal system
Stimulation of the immune system function
Improvement in mental health
Anti-aging effects
Treats insomnia and sleep disorders
Treats arthritis
Treats muscle spasms
Stress reduction
Improvement in general health

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Black Tea

Oolong Tea

Rooibos Tea

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If you are looking for a great post-workout Hemp supplement, OLEO™ Coconut Mix is the best way to replenish your body. Coconuts are naturally rich in electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals that your body craves. Take the taste of real, fresh, coconut water anywhere you want to go. Mix each serving with 12oz. of water to make the perfect post-workout recovery drink. Each serving of our delicious Coconut Mix contains 25mg highly bioaccessible Hemp to support your body after your toughest activities. With each of our Powered By OLEO products, we infuse each serving of our recovery supplements with 25mg of Micro-Encapsulated Hemp. Our micro-encapsulated Cannabis process allows your body to absorb the benefits of Hemp up to two times faster than typical oils and isolates.


Our new On-The-Go 6ct Multipacks are now available for purchase online. Available in Coconut, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, and Tangerine each box includes 6 On-The-Go packets allowing you take the benefits of OleoCBD™ to work, the gym, or enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Get your CBD drink mixes today.

Hemp Infused Tea with Micro-Encapsulated Hemp for Fast Acting - Box of 6 Packets To-Go. Just Add Water 

Coconut Water Infused with Hemp, Freeze Dried 100% Real Coconut., 25mg per packet, 6 packets to-go per box, Just add water 

Increase in muscle recovery
Prevention and reduction of inflammation
Pain relief
Treats anxiety and depression
Increase in energy levels and endurance
Increase in muscular development and strength
Improvement in flexibility and joint mobility
Improvement in sexual health
Treats migraine headaches
Increase in blood supply and circulation

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