A Tea-Tasting - A tea tasting party can be in your home, on the lawn or almost anywhere. It is usually informal. A tea tasting is similar to a wine tasting ... smelling, swishing and enjoying.
Tea Time for Tots - Kids enjoy a tea party more than adults. They can dress up, act very formal or be casually leisurely. Serve then teacups and saucers with mini treats fittingly. We have many decaffeinated teas perfect for tots.
Book Lover's Tea - A perfect pairing ... books and tea. Say no more! Relaxing and calming teas will soothingly invigorate the mind as it absorbs every word.
The Business Deal Tea - You can soothe your way to success or do it in a charming England style as long as the deal is done. Show them you are more than just coffee ... you are tea.
The Breakfast Tea - Start the event off right with the feel of sitting in a landscaped garden as you sip your full-bodied, eye-opening freshly brewed tea.
A High-Energy Tea Toast - Just the right start or finish for your fitness group. Jumpstart that boring office Monday meeting or keep them awake during the late afternoon conference call. There is a tea for that.
Summer Daze - Oooh, iced herb and citrus tea on a warm day or cooling down a hot afternoon. Iced teas are perfect and are easy to custom blend with a variety of organic dried fruits and herbs.
After Work-out, Running or Just To Relax Water - join the crowd with a cooler of refreshing CBD water to relax the muscles, relax the mind, relax the body.

Our Story... Our Mission

 As a Breast Cancer Survivor and Heart Failure Enduring, I know the benefits of a healthy body, mind, and spirit. As a Breast Cancer Fighter, I had to give up sodas during my chemo treatments. It was very hard and stressful. With the help of a nutritionist, I started drinking tea. I felt that if I was going to make a change for the better of my health and recovery, I should go all the way, Organic Tea. That is when I set out to find the best-tasting teas with the healthiest benefits. I then decided to share my awesome findings with you.  And this is how BrewLeaf Organic Tea was born.

Our mission is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers. Organic teas are exceptionally rare, produced in small quantities and hard to come by. So it was no small task to amass the quantities and breadth of selection we have to offer. BrewLeaf,  ensuring the freshest leaf.

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